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Elevate Hypnosis, LLC - Charlotte NC

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Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Hypnosis is often defined as an altered state of consciousness, combined with deep relaxation and very focused attention. It is similar to channeling all your energy into one important task and being oblivious of any other distracting factors around you. By so doing, the mind becomes very powerful and able to accomplish feats which would have been otherwise difficult to achieve. Hypnotherapy is used to create a subconscious transformation in our clients by the emergence of new thoughts, reactions, attitudes, feelings and/or behaviors. It is an effective therapeutic tool that is widely utilized as method of treatment for several long-term conditions and also for eliminating certain negative behaviors and habits and replacing them with more positive, empowering behaviors.

Eliminate Your Fear of Public Speaking in Charlotte, NC

Public speaking can be a terrifying and dreaded experience for many people. From fumbling to forgetting your ideas, to that racing heart feeling; it can be an experience that many people are apprehensive about participating in. Yet there are those that do it so well, deliver eloquent speeches in a powerful and convincing manner. The course of history has been changed so many times just by speeches. It can be an empowering, beautiful experience that everyone should be ready and able to take part in. There are several ways in which the fear of public speaking can be conquered, one of them being the use of hypnosis for public speaking. If you're in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding area, Elevate Hypnosis can help eliminate your fear of public speaking, increase your confidence, and make you comfortable in front of audiences of all sizes.

How Hypnosis can Help Public Speaking Ability

Practitioners use hypnosis by encouraging patients to use their imagination. A powerful tool, mental imagery is especially very important in the state of focused attention.The mind of a human being is capable of using imagery to invoke powerful emotions to bring out a clear message or paint a better picture of what it is that we want to convey. When this technique is used to remove the fear of public speaking from an individual, he or she can then have the capability of delivering effective, thought provoking speeches. The use of mental imagery creates an environment that you are comfortable in, and more familiar to you as the person delivering a powerful presentation, prepared or impromptu; in front of groups of people large or small.

The hypnotist also encourages the patient to imagine the future and picture him or herself feeling more empowered, content and confident after a public speech. This will drum home the sense of reward after successfully speaking in public. It motivates the patient to want to get out there and deliver a speech because of the feeling after. By so doing, the fear is greatly minimized or eliminated altogether.

Most hypnotherapy techniques focus more on replacing fear and anxiety of public speaking by a feeling of calmness and confidence. Several people find it difficult to face a crowd and effectively deliver a memorable speech. There are several factors to that but majority are psychological and can be eliminated by using effective hypnosis and NLP techniques. Hypnotherapy has been identified as an effective and reliable tool in achieving positive results through the elimination of fear and anxiety. It conditions an individual to think positively, overcome stage fright and speak confidently in front of any number of people, especially strangers.

In summary, hypnotherapy teaches an individual to control his or her nerves and eliminate the notion of fear. Clients are also taught on how to cultivate a powerful public speaking persona by an increased level of confidence. There are some other key concepts that a person will get to learn such as voice modulation and projection so that one does not deliver a boring and uninspiring speech. Hypnosis for public speaking will also impact the use of body language by the speaker to connect with the audience. By being in your element, you will learn to be authentic and in the process gain the ability to inspire and influence others with ease! Eliminate your fear of public speaking, call today. I can help. 704.336.9356