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Become a Confident Public Speaker with Hypnosis

Posted on February 29, 2016 at 12:40 PM
Become a Confident Public Speaker with Hypnosis

Just uttering the words "public speaking" can cause instant terror in some of us. Whether it’s being called upon to make a speech at a wedding, giving a professional presentation or speaking in front of an audience at work, public speaking can cause actual physical reactions in the body, from nervous shaking, voice shaking, shortness of breath, sweating, our mind going blank, butterflies in the stomach, etc. These experiences can cause everything in our mind to say “run away now”. But, rendering a public speech or talk requires us to deliver our speech fluently and effectively in spite of all these thoughts and feelings, which often seems impossible. But it is possible to gain control of those parts of your mind and master public speaking with hypnosis.

So…just where does the fear come from?
What is it about standing up and talking in front of other people that causes so much fear and anxiety? We have been biologically wired to fear of being "singled out". This natural fear originates from the deepest and most ancient parts of our minds. Fear of public speaking is a type of social phobia that triggers our natural “fight or flight response” to take over, causing us to believe we’re experiencing a kind of impending danger that we need to flee from. This subconscious response can cause us to feel tightness in our throats, our hearts start to race, we begin to sweat and a number of other symptoms. 

The good news however, is that we have the ability to re-train our mind to no longer perceive public speaking as a threat, and therefore develop more appropriate responses for those situations that require us to talk in public. Hypnotherapy aims to uncover the root cause of the anxiety by accessing the part of your mind that is triggering the fear and help you change the way it responds.

Learn to relax under the pressure with hypnosis
The good news is many people have learned through hypnosis to re-train the subconscious mind to no longer perceive public speaking as a threat and therefore develop more appropriate responses to situations that require us to speak in public. Instead of the feelings of terror, anxiety and fear, you will be enthusiastic, calm, confident and comfortable to stand in front of an audience, large or small. You will be able to gain mastery over your mind.

Eliminate  the fear of public speaking with hypnosis
With hypnosis you will learn to use your feeling fear of public speaking as an advantage, yes, an advantage! Those butterflies you feel in your stomach, that nervous, anxious feeling, you will learn to use them to improve your public speaking with hypnosis. With hypnosis, you can turn those destructive feelings of stress, anxiety and fear into positive feelings of calm, peace and confidence. Is it possible to improve public speaking with hypnosis? Absolutely.

Thanks for reading!

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