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How to Lose Weight Now with Hypnosis

Posted on January 29, 2016 at 4:27 PM
Weight Loss with Hypnosis

Why is it that over 90% of diets fail? Many of us have experienced the routine of getting serious about losing weight, we pick the hottest new diet and dig our heels in, determined to stick to it. And often, many of us will see some results, and actually lose some weight, but usually after only a short period of time we start to lose motivation, stop working out or maybe the diet was just too unrealistic to maintain for any prolonged length of time. Whatever the reasons are, for most of us the old eating habits come back as well as the weight and usually with a vengeance! This routine leaves most of us feeling frustrated and defeated.

Hypnosis helps you get down to the underlying issues that can be the cause of overeating and weight gain issues. It may be stress, worry, depression, boredom, fears or loneliness. You can uncover the root cause of your challenges with hypnosis. You will feel better about yourself. You will want to be kind to yourself and improve yourself. You will begin to change your perception of yourself, you will see yourself as fit and healthy person and you will desire to do what healthy, fit people do.

Consistent overeating is a chronic negative behavior pattern, essentially an addiction. Instead of alcohol, drugs or cigarettes, it’s food. Many people are emotional eaters, those who eat mainly when they're upset, sad, lonely or depressed. Emotional eaters can often have a difficult time releasing the weight and keeping it off. Through hypnosis you will learn to manage your emotions, you will be motivated to eat healthy foods and for beneficial reasons, food will no longer be used as a way to cope with unhappiness, anxiety or worry.

Some of the many ways hypnosis can help you boost motivation, lose weight and eat better:

Make healthier food choices
Hypnosis will help you become more connected to your essence, and when you develop more of a connection to your true self, you will start to desire and crave foods that will strengthen and nurture your body. The closer you are connected to what is natural and listening to your subconscious mind, the more likely you are going to want to eat natural foods. Your body desires and craves the natural foods, the vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, etc. Most of us on a conscious level, want to eat those healthy and natural foods, not the man-made processed foods. You will be motivated and disciplined to eat what’s right for your body. You will lose weight.

Eat smaller portions
When you learn how to calm and clear your mind, and really relax and allow your mind to quiet. When you’re able to calm your mind you can really begin to listen to your body. You will eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you are full. You will no longer overeat.

Want to workout 
When you’re ready to lose weight with hypnosis, it will help you boost your motivation, discipline and commitment to workout. You will WANT to exercise your body, it will no longer be a chore.

Enhance your belief in yourself
What I encounter often with my clients is they don’t really believe they can lose weight. They believe they can’t get back to the ideal, healthy weight they once had. Hypnosis will help you improve and enhance your ability to believe in yourself, encourage yourself and elevate your confidence.

Creative visualization
Through hypnosis you learn to focus on becoming fit, healthy, strong and attractive. You will learn how to visualize yourself to be healthy and fit. You can learn how to visualize effectively and powerfully. Your imagination is very powerful and you will learn to use it.

I’ve found the only thing you really need to successfully lose weight with hypnosis is a serious desire to lose weight and keep it off. You’ll need a deep conviction to want to change. If you really want it and are willing to do what it takes, you will be successful. You will know that you can do it, you can lose weight.   

Thanks for reading!

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